Strategic Wardrobe For Film Festival Engagement

Hey, it’s been a while without a word from my secret life.. It’s partly cuz right now I am going through my yearly spring fasting that lasts for 50 days. The purifying quest begun on 3rd of March and now I … Continue reading

Good news from the stars

Discover new talent on the horizon of animation film makers. Eszter Jánka (18) wrote and directed distinctive short animation movie for Pleasemachine. It’s appealing to us to have a glamorous Fox for the main character in a fashion reel. Specially because the sexy voice … Continue reading

Art-objects as the side products of Recycled footwear.

“Relative Zero-waste” is decorative canvas that keep your sustainable awareness sharp. It was created consequently after the wearables, therefore authenticity of each canvas can be proved only by a presence of co-related pair of footwear. How one old pillowcase became a stunning … Continue reading

Custom Made Recycling – Special Offer in March

Pleasemachine stands for slow fashion and timeless items above trends. And this post will introduce you to the new Pleasemachine collection of high heels designed with environment in mind and mind-blowing conception. There are three signature shoe designs in it … Continue reading

Just Another Good Day

 Does it sounds like a good idea to stay home all day doing nothing serious? For me being at home is such rare thing,,,, rather unusual experience worth capturing the moment,,,, specially if it comes on my Birthday. Luckily the … Continue reading

“Colonel” high top flat Boots

This is definite favourite of this winter. Colonel leather boots inspired by vintage military dress and feature original button/fastener closure and real pocket for handkerchief. Its also world’s first Clever shoes. All rights reserved, ©Pleasemachine 2013

Under Cover – On the cover

I go to Camerimage – film festival in north of Poland. If by any coincidence you too now flying to Poland with WarmJet air lines – check their board magazine. A little bit of Brian Eno will help to digest  … Continue reading

Siberia international and Colonels in Slovenia

On this day 3 years ago I was back from exhibition in Ljubljana right for the opening ceremony of my boutique in Budapest – Siberia Shoe Shop. Today, before I take off to Ljubljana to participate in Month of Design in Slovenia I feel like forming short … Continue reading

Artisan school opening

We are happy to announce that this autumn we start off with educational program about contemporary craft and design thinking. On our practical courses and workshops you will learn how to:  work with leathers and fabrics to create decent stylish … Continue reading

EAT ME illustration mag. First issue

Result of a collaboration between creatives from Hungary and Russia, initiated by Pasha Tarkhov, Ann Zaboeva and Monobrow. Dig Eat Me mag first edition and view it on Issuu ThanX to all contributing autors: Lakos Tamas , Kate Gorelik , Moravszki Kata , Koralevics Rita  , Rozalia Tovaj , Kerekes Kata/CYKLOPS , Alexey Sykhov/Syhmen , Bako Zsofia , Moravcsik Borka , Toth Endre Nandor , Katerina … Continue reading