He set me up

Meanwhile and in between these never-ceasing winter celebrations and studio-renovations I did several shoe designs, new website for my unrelated to footwear works and projects (yet unpublished), loads of new video-diary notes (that are coming for public view in close time), defined my … Continue reading

My First Big Crush, Great vs Plenty And One Life Hack

Like anyone who just received from the lab his film negatives I’ve rushed home in flurry. Immediately loaded them into the scanner strip by strip and now  peer at each frame on the big monitor. Can’t hide that I am very pleased with myself … Continue reading

All that starts in a place of quietness.

Long time no word of news in here. There’ve been extraordinary events and meetings with exceptional people since I went to that trip to the film festival in Switzerland. I am not a huge writer and the amount of things I want to … Continue reading

Strategic Wardrobe For Film Festival Engagement

Hey, it’s been a while without a word from my secret life.. It’s partly cuz right now I am going through my yearly spring fasting that lasts for 50 days. The purifying quest begun on 3rd of March and now I … Continue reading

Pleasemachine designs from previous editions

Pleasemachine is a designer brand of exclusive and custom footwear. Every new design manufactured unique or in a small series. This gallery showcase a tiny part of earlier works and collections. Showcased here shoes are from sold out editions. For custom … Continue reading

Good news from the stars

Discover new talent on the horizon of animation film makers. Eszter Jánka (18) wrote and directed distinctive short animation movie for Pleasemachine. It’s appealing to us to have a glamorous Fox for the main character in a fashion reel. Specially because the sexy voice … Continue reading

Art-objects as the side products of Recycled footwear.

“Relative Zero-waste” is decorative canvas that keep your sustainable awareness sharp. It was created consequently after the wearables, therefore authenticity of each canvas can be proved only by a presence of co-related pair of footwear. How one old pillowcase became a stunning … Continue reading

Custom Made Recycling – Special Offer in March

Pleasemachine stands for slow fashion and timeless items above trends. And this post will introduce you to the new Pleasemachine collection of high heels designed with environment in mind and mind-blowing conception. There are three signature shoe designs in it … Continue reading

Just Another Good Day

 Does it sounds like a good idea to stay home all day doing nothing serious? For me being at home is such rare thing,,,, rather unusual experience worth capturing the moment,,,, specially if it comes on my Birthday. Luckily the … Continue reading