Summer fitting program

Here is a video of me dancing. Hot season is full on. Time to go on holiday and inspect your posture for traces of hard working. Lightweight dresses, neon swimsuits, straw hats, beads and glitz highly require lightweight dynamics in your gait.

U are welcome to join! Practicing on the sun makes it easy to do as your fibers are warm and flexible. U dont need to learn movements cuz U should improvize with whole body following music rythm and keeping in mind simple order:

1 – joints warm up

2 – muscles strach

3 – tonus

Dont forget to drink a lot under the sun and then have a healthy breakfast!

So shell we dance together? 🙂

P.S.: Last 2 weeks I’ve been very effective in sourcing new influences. My vocation continue revealing to me modern cultural phenomenons and I tasting life outside of comfort zone,, So far so good. And all the stories/observations from latest travels are slowly getting ready,,



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