Just Another Good Day

 Does it sounds like a good idea to stay home all day doing nothing serious? For me being at home is such rare thing,,,, rather unusual experience worth capturing the moment,,,, specially if it comes on my Birthday. Luckily the other night windstorm did a good job and in the morning the sky was glass-clear,, sunlight flood the room and was almost touchable. My sweetheart made photo-series that we called ‘Just-Another-Good- Day ‘ picturing me at home from the morning through the day.. Birthday  I think is an Ok excuse for having so many fotos of yourself,,,, So this post contains a loads of pictures of my very face in a casual private environment,,,,,

I also could not make the selection fewer, so I composed them by themes that feature typical girlish stuff: next to makeup mirror or with fluffy dog as well as changing dresses and characters,,,, never then less pictures deliver quite well that sunny, intimate and careless atmosphere of being home. Lets go and have a look,, the classic morning sun-charge procedure is the first on agenda:
(click on pictures to see it larger)

I still didn’t get my own drum set (sigh) so between the rehearsals I’m practicing rhythms on my laps if at home, or rubber sole sheets if at workshop, or anything that doesn’t sound  if somewhere else. Am I gonna be the best female shoe designer drummer? Eventually apparently perhaps I will,,,, For now I enjoy the feeling of getting it right. Playing drums kicks me like kinda drug and is just about as much addictive. In other words, I am inseparable with my sticks now, and obsessively digging the tricks,, shortly you will notice it, just let me set myself,,,,

For a Bday I’ve got new frames from my dear friends Zack and Yulia from Vinylize,, and even thought it was yet missing prescription lenses I couldn’t hold back from trying it on.  Frame is absolute dope for both Visioneers with bad sight and music lovers  as it is made of vinyl records! Check my badass look topped with newest high heel shoes and black leather briefs..

.. sunbathing on December’ afternoon with Roger on the balcony (click,click):

Last couple hours before the sun was gone, the cat woman took over photo-shoot and started to make  her own movie taking advantage of Nora by Meszaros Laci, that he brought to our flat for temporary storing a long time ago (due to having some transportation difficulties). The camera is one of my own from my Super-8 collection above the mirror,,,, Blacksmith leather dress I’ve made specially for one film festival that I’ve visited couple weeks ago,,, So as the heels. Mask have been already through several events in my life since 2009 and treasure up buncha cool memories,,, +1 more since now:

At the evening, when Laci and Sam came over as usually, we were already in the middle of making a music video. Laci surprised seeing his Nora being upside down, but champagne smoothen the situation. With it, another good day was soon over,,,  And over again.

Captured moments: Attila Boltresz ©.



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