Merry Go Round And Round..

On a last Day of a year, 7 years ago I hopped on a passing by train that took me away from my homeland and brought into new year, new country and new life.

Time is a bold fellow. I don’t sit counting years I’ve spent in Budapest.  I like to think that things don’t just happen chaotically but guided by unseen forces add up to a divine pattern of sense with it’s own rhythms, repetition, rapports. No blind periods, no interruption, no mistakes. Only on December 31 of each year, when I usually doing in my head overlook of another symbolic round that I was lucky to complete, I recall that Russia is one more year further away from me..

This time I counted to 7 and discerned a circle figure in it. It felt like something big and important just have been complete. And, at the same time, it is the beginning of a new round.
Seven unpredictable years went on a single breath. One thing I know for sure – living in another country certainly worth the struggle if you know your purpose. The dash between 2007 and 2014 for me was a significant period filled with sense and value. Besides that I found myself a new home, my life of an artist and shoe designer took shape and clarity.  Anyhow, I’ll have a talk about being a Russian designer in Budapest before the screening of a doku-film about it. You can come to watch and listen at Kino Cinema (Szent István körút 16., Budapest, Hungary, 1137) Saturday, Feb. 1st, from 5pm to 7pm.

Not yet knowing myself that Zing takes me on a new round, on new year eve 2014 I marked this point with essentially new design.

First reviling piece of a new Pleasemachine direction is exclusive high heels with horses and elephants in swagger harness marching on vintage fabric. It reminded me of fancy antique carousels – the symbol of careless life festival and holiday celebration that goes round and round.

My personal totem shoes with the symbol of this year in a tiny video we made on New year holidays.

Shot by Arjun Talwar, camera assistant/shoe photography Attila Boltresz .


Exclusive pair of heels

Previously it was vintage italian silk scarf. Then scarf got upcycled into Pleasemachine footwear. One scarf for one pair. Shoes are featuring adorable print of dressed horses, lions and elephant as well as black and gold leather, 10cm high heel and 1,5cm platform. Each side of the shoes has its own part of one bigger picture, thought the left and the right shoe is not a mirror reflection of each other. However shoes has wholesome appeal due to common colours, and its fun to wear.

Exclusive high heels featuring gold leather and vintage silk scarf
Do I sell this shoes? Its hard to let go the things you truly in love with. So, Most probably No – I don’t sell it. Thought I’d give the shoes to someone who got a good purpose for it. And, by the way, you can pitch your ideas to
Graceful galope of pretty horses on vintage scarf

Back to our horses. There is one genuine antique carousel in Budapest, beautiful masterpiece and the only one carousel with the horses in entire city. Right now it is closed together with the whole entertainment park and will be accessible only from spring at Budapest ZOO. But we couldn’t wait. I’ve got this idea for a movie..

carousel Celebration

Making movie.. behind the scenes.

Set on Short Film Commercial

Around Xmas holidays Arjun Talwar came to visit. He arrived from Lodz and ring the buzz on my door one evening, just like he usually does it once in a while. Its been already 5 years since he went to Polish National Film School and this spring it will be over for him . The good news is – after the studies he is moving to Budapest to make his Diploma movie. Meaning that the friends will be together for a long time and great purpose. I hope for at least half a year..

So he walk in to the kitchen and leaned back in the armchair,, Oh, hang on.. it was actually a daytime and I was in my studio running school workshop for buncha people. Arjun came at the busiest moment and went on duty to take care for bar and music. We got to talk only few hours later when students left to home.

Obviously, the first news I’ve told was about freshly made new high heels and footage with Merry-Go-Round. I’ve suggested, “Lets make a little film for these beauties together, lets say tomorrow.” He said, “We need a screenplay.”  A screenplay? I thought, Common, we never needed a screenplay before, I mean, we surely need a story and a concept but there always was a room for improvisation.

What is the script: each scene is numbered, starts with time of the day and name of a location.  Requires defined camera angle / camera move,then comes specifications of particular action and light. In other words it is a dry document of terms and abbreviations with no place for lyrics. If you are writing your first movie screenplay upgrade your language so it looks professional. I didn’t go arguing, after all it was me who was a film school drop-off, so by now Talwar must know better then me about screenplay importance. So I did as I’ve been told and wrote down a damn script..

For the symbol of holidays we chose lighting tram and Danube panorama at night.

Back to our movie plan, we’ve got total of 9 scenes. We’ve made a list of actors, props and equipment. We’ve laid the shooting schedule in 4 days: Day 1: scene 3, 6  / Day 2: scene 5, 4, 2 / Day3: scene 1,8,9 /Day4: scene 7 (sunset).

It took us like 4 hours to figure everything out and  one easy-going week of work. We spent 3 days between shooting and editing in Belgrade celebrating the New Year.

1,5 min film was made on the edge of 2013 and 2014 year. I miss making videos and I will be practicing in short films more this year. And I do take necessary effort to make my time free for that.

Did anyone else had a  luminous moments lately? Please, share how the beginning of 2014 feels for you so far.
Can’t wait for you to join the vibe! Anna



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