Strategic Wardrobe For Film Festival Engagement

cinema engagement

Hey, it’s been a while without a word from my secret life.. It’s partly cuz right now I am going through my yearly spring fasting that lasts for 50 days. The purifying quest begun on 3rd of March and now I am over the major part of it, only 2 weeks left ahead. I promise you I’ll share my hard and marvellous experience with you once it’s over, but yet I prefer to keep it private a bit more,,

All in all I spend efficient offline time within manual and intellectual labour before I can disappear from Budapest for a week. You see, we are with Arjun Talwar going to His film’s world premiere at film festival Vision Du Reel in Switzerland mountains.. His work will be screened on 1st of May at 18:00 (Place du Marché 2, Nyon, Switzerland. Repeatedly screened on 02.05, 13:30) but we going to stay for the whole week’s program. Now, as you might guess, I am all in preparation for being Arjun’s very best support at his thrilling Moment!

Indeed, wouldn’t you need a best friend next to you when they screening the world’s premiere of your movie into the darkness of the cinema? I realise the importance and as a part of my action-plan I finished yesterday my director’s friend outfit #1. Despite that it looks as for an engagement party a white lace pencil-dress and B/W high heels turned out to serve just right celebration flow on the test-drive walk around the city:


Are you yet stand on your feet? The dress is actually has no lining. Therefore it can have any colour beneath, I’d just need to make few extra bodysuit to fit other shoes. This kind of multifunctional dresses saves bunch of space in my hand luggage:

white lace pencil dressBut don’t ask me where I got the lace: it’s a vintage cut out, looks fishily alike curtains. No more fabric was left over: no more dresses like this one gonna happen. Shoes in opposite available for the order through the webshop for limited time period.

sounds bride

I have to strategically think of more refreshments to a film-spring wardrobe considering every possible situation that is hard to predict. So good-bye for now and check back sometimes if these rare news getting more frequent.

walk zee

And, Ah! on the page 26th of the festival program you’ll find the humble cinematographer genius that give sense to all these here efforts.

Stay beautiful! Anna Zaboeva


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