Print riot in a seaside afterglow

Happy end of our sea-side vacation and summer road trip 2014 around formal Yugoslavia!

And while I am looking through and trying to highlight some specially special moments from all documentary videos and pictures we’ve made I already can show the cover image of this adventure:
One day we stayed by recluse rocky shore down the cliff. Not a real beach was it. We made the way there across blackthorn bushes and climbed down the steep wall to get to a relatively little stone plato. To set at home for a night we made a stove in a split and landed our blankets under a hanging rock. Far on horizon had begun spectacular lighting show with thunder.

What a nice summer day was the day of our 4th year wedding anniversary. My sweetheart snapped me getting suntan before supper.

dotted coolie hat

To me this picture brings up a warm memories that are to stay private due to in’s emotional momentum. So I better tell you about the hat:

My in a way bridal gown consisted of strapless golden swimsuit, kimono with giraffe print, cheetah mules and dotted coolie hat – all designed and made specially for this travel.

Coolie hat is my usual accessory on very sunny travels. It gives a pleasant shade and to face and shoulders. This time I made it look a bit like a flying saucer closing my head between two cones leaving the aperture just wide enough to keep the face out. But polka dot pattern makes the hat down to earth.

I add few more pictures from last summer to show this headpiece vary. And as you can see it is pretty universal device that goes with almost everything:

coolie hat and fanGay dancing with bubbles during Gay Pride 2013 in Budapest.

coolie hat strawClassic sun bathing

coolie hat and Albert Einstein

Taking bus-ship with Einstein looking man in Venice

coolie in the forest

Picking mushrooms


P.S.: Actually, while writing this post I’ve realised that I wore Coolie on the cover image of Summer trip 2013 as well. Ah, what an adherence to an object:

cover imade summer trip 2013

This year I decided to keep the cover free of titles.

Keepin good times rolling.

dotted coolie hat



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