He set me up

Meanwhile and in between these never-ceasing winter celebrations and studio-renovations I did several shoe designs, new website for my unrelated to footwear works and projects (yet unpublished), loads of new video-diary notes (that are coming for public view in close time), defined my resolutions for this year and become Glamour magazine’ nominee for the woman of the year 2015 ,, I didn’t post for you any “Happy New Year” sort of message, attend most of the “official” parties, have too much time practicing roller-skating (wether went frosty after xmas), practice drums at all (my lazy fault and no excuse).  But here is a fracture of December time:


Beginning of December. I thought I am going to assist my sweetheart on his studio shooting. Naive, I didn’t realise I’ve been set up for the scene, props and participants.


It isn’t a séance thought..


I have another birthday. Count candles on the cake (this time on the table.)


“Invite Only” late night dinner attended by my closest friends with great ambient and delicatessen created by Style Cousine Tooo Much Girls. And I loved that to the last bite.






The shoes of December inspired by dazzling illumination, champagne and red wine. Thought it looks more like treasures of gold with rubies. It is a sample set of designs and I don’t have ready-made stock, so if you have the urge for purchasing please write to shop@pleasemachine.me to do pre-order.

Bye for now, I have plenty of ideas to think about 🙂

insta gold

golden shoes and rubies

gold and rubies

golden shoes




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