Ethical Shoe Design

Pleasemachine shoes is not just another luxury label. It conveys Ethical vision on high street fashion. It stands for slow fashion and timeless items above trends.


There are three signature shoe designs in Pleasemachine’s first ethical high heel collection – Cuirasse, Camails, Camerimage.
Each style is designed with the room for Up-Cycling in mind. Due to up-cycle of vintage and rare silk scarfs (including the ones from well known fashion houses) each pair of shoes has its unique look and exclusive release.
camerimage sample
poster shoe board
(Design previews of the shoes featuring the prints of Hermes scarfs)
royal spirit recycled
merry go round-1

Exclusive pair of heels

The innovative idea in ethical fashion and the designer of the shoes Anna Zaboeva were featured in the book “Conquerors Of Vertices. Hungarian Design in XXI century” in 2014, alongside with other notable publications.




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