He set me up

Meanwhile and in between these never-ceasing winter celebrations and studio-renovations I did several shoe designs, new website for my unrelated to footwear works and projects (yet unpublished), loads of new video-diary notes (that are coming for public view in close time), defined my resolutions for this year and become Glamour magazine’ nominee for the woman of the year 2015 ,, I didn’t post for you any “Happy New Year” sort of message, attend most of the “official” parties, have too much time practicing roller-skating (wether went frosty after xmas), practice drums at all (my lazy fault and no excuse).  But here is a fracture of December time:


Beginning of December. I thought I am going to assist my sweetheart on his studio shooting. Naive, I didn’t realise I’ve been set up for the scene, props and participants.


It isn’t a séance thought..


I have another birthday. Count candles on the cake (this time on the table.)


“Invite Only” late night dinner attended by my closest friends with great ambient and delicatessen created by Style Cousine Tooo Much Girls. And I loved that to the last bite.






The shoes of December inspired by dazzling illumination, champagne and red wine. Thought it looks more like treasures of gold with rubies. It is a sample set of designs and I don’t have ready-made stock, so if you have the urge for purchasing please write to shop@pleasemachine.me to do pre-order.

Bye for now, I have plenty of ideas to think about 🙂

insta gold

golden shoes and rubies

gold and rubies

golden shoes



Print riot in a seaside afterglow

Happy end of our sea-side vacation and summer road trip 2014 around formal Yugoslavia!

And while I am looking through and trying to highlight some specially special moments from all documentary videos and pictures we’ve made I already can show the cover image of this adventure:
One day we stayed by recluse rocky shore down the cliff. Not a real beach was it. We made the way there across blackthorn bushes and climbed down the steep wall to get to a relatively little stone plato. To set at home for a night we made a stove in a split and landed our blankets under a hanging rock. Far on horizon had begun spectacular lighting show with thunder.

What a nice summer day was the day of our 4th year wedding anniversary. My sweetheart snapped me getting suntan before supper.

dotted coolie hat

To me this picture brings up a warm memories that are to stay private due to in’s emotional momentum. So I better tell you about the hat:

My in a way bridal gown consisted of strapless golden swimsuit, kimono with giraffe print, cheetah mules and dotted coolie hat – all designed and made specially for this travel.

Coolie hat is my usual accessory on very sunny travels. It gives a pleasant shade and to face and shoulders. This time I made it look a bit like a flying saucer closing my head between two cones leaving the aperture just wide enough to keep the face out. But polka dot pattern makes the hat down to earth.

I add few more pictures from last summer to show this headpiece vary. And as you can see it is pretty universal device that goes with almost everything:

coolie hat and fanGay dancing with bubbles during Gay Pride 2013 in Budapest.

coolie hat strawClassic sun bathing

coolie hat and Albert Einstein

Taking bus-ship with Einstein looking man in Venice

coolie in the forest

Picking mushrooms


P.S.: Actually, while writing this post I’ve realised that I wore Coolie on the cover image of Summer trip 2013 as well. Ah, what an adherence to an object:

cover imade summer trip 2013

This year I decided to keep the cover free of titles.

Keepin good times rolling.

dotted coolie hat


My first wedding – don’t say Yes, say “Igen”

On this day 3 years ago we were Just Maried.

20 minutes before the official procedure I was still making my bridal sandals of silk cord and leather, then we rush to the institution. It was a burning Budapest summer day.

Our friend Mihaly asked if we had any rings – we negativelly shook heads and he reached into his pockets to see if he has anything to save the situation.. I need to add that Mihaly is genious mechanician mind that can build perfectly a bycicle, private airplane and anything in between including large laser machines, of cause he had to have two iron devices looped into rings that supposedly used for fixing water pipes or so. The rings were also adjustable in diametr with the screw and we were fixing the sizes fitting it on our fingers after we signed into some official book. The speaker woman who’ve did tonns of wedding ceremonies on conveyor expressed quite a puzzlement face when we loaded out on official silver plate our symbols of promice – random metal part that used for ring’ screwdriver accidentally and significantly stated in Hungarian – “a Cage”. We both burst in laugth when we realised that fact.

Pleasemachine wedding rings
Pleasemachine wedding rings – handy parts on heavy duty

You know, in Budapest you say Igen when you’ve asked if you are certain about something that I didn’t understood what is that, and then its just like everywhere else: first you sign in the book then you kiss, or the other way around – I dont remember now. But it doesnt hurt neither way. It just feels a bit akward.

But civil ceremony was over soon however. Just married us and our dear witnesses went to a front square (Blaha Luiza) where few more friends was already waiting with champagne. Its was documented on film by Balazs Toth.

Just married

on a wedding day
Happening was witnessed by Igor, Bobby, Peter, Mihaly, undefined girl in glasses, Marcel and Matt Klinn.

Summer fitting program

Here is a video of me dancing. Hot season is full on. Time to go on holiday and inspect your posture for traces of hard working. Lightweight dresses, neon swimsuits, straw hats, beads and glitz highly require lightweight dynamics in your gait.

U are welcome to join! Practicing on the sun makes it easy to do as your fibers are warm and flexible. U dont need to learn movements cuz U should improvize with whole body following music rythm and keeping in mind simple order:

1 – joints warm up

2 – muscles strach

3 – tonus

Dont forget to drink a lot under the sun and then have a healthy breakfast!

So shell we dance together? 🙂

P.S.: Last 2 weeks I’ve been very effective in sourcing new influences. My vocation continue revealing to me modern cultural phenomenons and I tasting life outside of comfort zone,, So far so good. And all the stories/observations from latest travels are slowly getting ready,,

Freakin Clever shoes. Pleasemachine breaking news!

When first time I’ve finally seen our Clever Shoes in action I stood speechless – it looked so fine and its features was so easy to use that it was hard to believe  it took us 2 years to fulfill this goal.. Technology here was not dominant feature but humble servant of design and craftsmanship.

spirit of Glory

Pleasemachine together with TOMeffect creative directors Tatjana Voronova, Ondrej Vaclavik and  Mona Huber started to work on this project  few years ago..

We just came back from incredibly successful WIMA conference in Monaco where we were represented this project and now its the time to answer everybody’s questions:

What is Clever Shoes?

As you might know Pleasemachine peculiar footwear was established in 2008 but the beginning of new age for Pleasemachine was  distinguished in 2011 by the concept called Clever Shoes – the shoes that can express their story, possess and collect memories, serve their owner in socializing experience and even get him around the world. The concept is based on the idea of creating High-End designer products with instantly accessible great creative value.

Whats the trick?

In order to render those services TOMeffect  came up with the idea to implement into the shoes technologically powered “Clever Keys”. In 2013  Clever Keys was specially developed for Pleasemachine by Connectmesmart GmbH and powered by Near Field Eco-technology (NFC) that enabled on most of mobile devices. This technology also helps the shoe’s story to be continuous record accessible at any time and be the storage of the information about idea, designer’s inspiration, production, and so on along with technical characteristics like size, materials, units quantity in the edition, the season, return polices and shoe care advises.

– How does it work?

Wearable technology sign

By simply touching (called Tapping) the shoe with your NFC enabled phone/device you can access the information about the shoes or launch applications that can do many things already today.

Just like you click on the picture you can tap with your phone Clever symbol on real shoe and the same video  will appear! You tap another Key and will discover the shoe on Facebook  to see its score for example! This technology is in the fast developing sector, therefore more and more services will be available in the near future.

– How many information can store Clever Key?

the Keys in one pair can be as many as you wish and give you access to different URL, URN, mobile App, Contact, etc.

Who can load the information to the Keys?

few Keys in the shoe lock permanent information (size, material, model description) programmed by Pleasemachine, but we embed several complimentary Keys that can be reprogrammed  by the customer himself again and again using simple NFCapp.

And that is the most fun part!

What can I do with the Clever shoes besides discovering its history?

Since in each pair of shoes there are few Clever Keys that are for your personalization you can do pretty much everything! Just to name few –

  • load for instant access your favorite radio station or news channel,
  • install the application which can put your phone into flight mode (good for cinema lovers and big travelers),
  • install step counter (for walkers),
  • keep saves your kid’s phone numbers (for parents who worry),
  • choose the shoe for a gift and send build in personal video message to your friend,
  • have instant access to your own portfolio when you go to public
  • in near future functions will be limited only by your imagination

How do I know where on the shoe Clever Keys are located?

Different editions have different esthetically matching logos/patterns designed for tagging purpose and its indicated on the shoe label under Clever Shoes trademark.  Like on the first edition of  clever shoes you can recognize the Key by square perforation pattern.

Explore the story of Colonel Boots

– Why is it eco?

Pleasemachine shoes are made with respect for craft traditions and environmentally concerned therefore we always looking for the technology that matches our philosophy.

One little Clever Key can store forever and with instant access on your mobile all the information instead of printing and keeping all those agreements of warranties, shoe care advises, thank you letters and bills.

Can I wear it like simple shoes?

Sure! Extra functions are not obligatory to use cuz essentially the shoes stays the same astonishing Pleasemachine handcrafted shoes from the first generation just with a little high-tech compliment that serves easy and fun experience for the customer and brings up Clever values only when its required.